Automation Platforms

Solida Biotech offers a uniform automation and software platform from laboratory to pilot and production controllers. Our strategic choice allows you to scale up or down from lab to process bioreactors, using the same logic and programming, both simply and directly with no need whatsoever to learn different programs or software interfaces.

All control units in the Solida Biotech bioreactors product range are based on PLC hardware and software.
PLC automation solutions are undoubtedly the industry standard, from laboratory to pilot and production scale equipment.


PLC technology ensures optimal performance, reliability, long life spans and spare part availability when compared with proprietary systems
PLCs mean modularity and flexibility and, in this way, harmonising our control unit and software with the vessel concept maximises the possibilities for working with several types of cell lines and microorganisms without the need to modify instrument design
Ultimate flexibility in a single and parallel bioreactor.