Compact SUB and STR Bioreactors for fermentation and cell culture

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Solida Biotech is a dynamic company specialized in engineering and manufacturing of innovative bioprocess equipment primarily Bioreactors and Fermenters.
We are pleased to launch our new line of Compact laboratory bioreactors for educational applications but also for advanced bioprocessing and development.
Applications include cell culture, stem cells, fermentation of bacteria, fungus, yeasts, photo-sensitive organisms such as plants and algae and more.

Solida Biotech provides our customers with superior reliability, efficiency and high-value returns operators require in today’s competitive market.

Solida Biotech Next-Generation Bioreactors

BIO-BOOK Compact Bioreactors is a line of latest generation bioreactors that can be used for educational applications, but also for advanced bioprocessing and development. Applications include cell culture, stem cells, fermentation of bacteria, fungus, yeasts, photo-sensitive organisms such as plants, algae and more.

Powerful PLC Controller, Advanced SCADA Software, 4 built-in controlled speed peristals pumps, automated Gas mixing for microbial fermentation and cell cultivation, Digital and Analog interface for many sensors pH, Dissolved Oxygen, Temperature, Level, Foam, Mass Balance and online analyzers such as Biomass, Gas Analyser, Glucose Analyser and more.

One Biocontroller for Glass and Single use vessels starting at 100mL w/v to 50L capacity.
Parallel controller and Software capabilites up to 12 bioreactors systems to accelerate the development of your bioprocesses.

Lab efficiency

Small footprint Bioreactor occupying a truly reduced surface of 280x400x600mm WxDxH or 11.0×15.75×24.4 inches (US) to meet the limitations of space in many laboratories.

More flexibility with Glass and Single-Use vessel

The BIO-BOOK Compact controller allows you to interchange glass and single use vessels with related adapters. Available vessel capacity as follow;
Glass re-usable vessel: 300 mL, 500 mL, 1-2-3-5-7-10-15-20 Liters
SUB disposable vessel: 3-10-20-30 Liters
Integration of commercially available SUB’s: Merk-Millipore, Eppendorf, Sartorius, Cercell
Use of autoclavable and disposable pH / DO sensors

Rich Connectivity

The BIO-BOOK Compact bioreactor is based on a real-time embedded industrial controller with a combination of many real-time monitorable parameters like sensors and actuators, reconfigurable and expandable IO Modules to increase the controller capabilites and an Ethernet expansion chassis to to communicate with many devices like PC workstation’s, Laptop and modern portable devices for remote access via password protection.

Intelligent HMI-PC Interface with onboard SCADA Software BIOFLEX TM

HMI-PC interface large colored screen 14″ size with the license free Scada Software BIOFLEX allows you to fully monitor, control and supervise your bioprocess without the need to purchase additional devices or software for data processing.

Integrated Heating and Cooling device with the Solida BIO-CHILLER

Suitable for fermentation and cell cultivation the BIO-BOOK Compact thermo regulation system allows minimizes water usage in your laboratory. You won’t need to worry about finding a suitable water source for your bioreactor.

Key Advantages

  • Compact design, small footprint 280x400x600mm WxDxH or 11.0×15.75×24.4 inches (US)
  • Suitable for glass and single use vessel
  • Great accuracy and reliability with adaptive P.I.D. control
  • Integrated Data Management and Data Acquisition Software
  • Touch panel PC or conventional PC workstation
  • Integrated heating and cooling system with the Solida BIO-CHILLER
  • Real-time industrial controller, reconfigurable IO Modules, Ethernet expansion
  • Simplicity of installation, programming and maintenance
  • SensorFlash® non-volatile memory to save your bioprocess data
  • Certified for GLP and GMP classified environments
  • Sales and service available worldwide

Technical data

Power supply: 120 – 240 (±10 %) V, 50/60 Hz, 10 A, Single Phase
Water supply: Quick-connect; 10 psig (0.69 barg)
Communication: 1 × USB, Ethernet (SCADA, IP Network)
User Interface: 14” Touchscreen or desktop PC
Dimensions: (W × D × H): 28.0 × 40.0 × 60.0 cm / 11 × 15.75 × 24.4 in
Weight w/o accessories: 15.5 kg / 34.1 lb


The entire bioreactor system is driven by BIOFLEX™ software, with an intelligent interface that is easily accessible, accessible for beginners to experienced users. Thanks to the intuitive user interface, Bioflex is simple to operate, with reduced operator errors and reduced training needs.

BIO-FLEX™ is a bioprocess software designed for R&D, process development, optimization and scale up to industrialization.

Bioflex is high flexibility for a batch, feed batch or a continuous culture with Advanced control strategies (pH STAT, DO STAT, Turbido-stat, exponential, complex calculations), perfusion programs, off line data and profiles management, data batch records, data export to excel and more.

This open source Software allows to integrate, at any time, conventional and sofisticated online sensors such as Biomass Monitor, Gas analysers, pCO2 probe, Glucose and Multi-assay analyzers and actuators (pumps, MFC or Rotameters, valves, etc.).
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Bioflex software support the latest Windows released platforms and can be installed on a Laptop, PC Workstations, tablet or smartphone, and enables you to monitor and control your bioreactor at any time: in the laboratory, in the office or even at home.
Click here for more informations about Biofelx Software.

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