Solida Biotech is a dynamic company pioneering in development of innovative bioprocess equipment as well as engineering and manufacturing state of the art Bioreactors & Fermenters and custom fit solutions.

We offer a wide range of Bioreactors and Fermenters; Autoclavable, Disposable and In Situ Sterilisable for research, development, and production ranging from 100ml up to 30 cubic metres.

We also manufacture CIP in situ cleaning systems, SIP/CIP process vessels and integrated Online Analysers for bioprocess optimisation.

Our Innovative Bioreactors and Fermenters


Innovative bioreactor system designed for fermentation and cell culture operating modes.

  • Compact unit that needs a limited space of only 280x400x600mm WxDxH or 11.0×15.75×24.4 inches (US)
  • Interchangeable Glass and Single-Use vessel starting at 100ml w/v up to 50L capacity
  • Integrated heating and cooling system to minimize water usage in your lab
  • Lastest generation PLC controller with ultra modern HMI Touch panel interface. USB and Ethernet connectivity
  • User friendly and open source Scada Software Bioflex TM


New concept of modularity with unique design versatile and suitable for glass autoclavable, SUB disposable and SIP stainless steel systems from 100ml up to 50L.

  • Master controller technology for advanced PAT, data-logging and embedded monitoring applications.
  • PRO controller supports single, twin, quad and parallel bioreactors.
  • Integrated measurement of online sensors such as biomass, optical density, gas analyser, glucose and others.
  • Powerful SCADA BIOFLEXTM software for faster scaling down, scaling up and bespoke projects.


A newly engineered control system for parallel bioreactors.

  • PRO controller supports from 1 up to 36 bioreactors
  • The only true parallel controller capable of interchanging a wide range of vessels from 100ml to 20L w/v re-usable and disposable.
  • Unlimited series I/O modules and logging system.
  • Industry-standard controller technology for faster scaling and industrialisation.
  • Immediate module replacement with zero downtime.

Modular Laboratory In-Situ Sterilisable Bioreactors & Fermenters from 3 Litres to 30 Litres volume

The modularity concept has been extended to our lab/pilot SIP in-situ sterilisable bioreactors and fermenters with leading industrial hardware and software technologies, modular and compact designs; available as pre-assembled SIP bioreactor packages or custom-made solutions based on detailed customer requirements. The major advantage of the modularity of Solida’s bioreactors is the ability to integrate and replace any module at any time and to interchange a wide range of culture vessels in bacteriological or cell cultivation configurations in 3, 5, 7, 10, 15, 20, 30 litres volumes.

  • Industrial design for easier upscaling and technology transfer
  • PLC industry standard controller combined with a unique modular design for greater flexibility and expandability
  • Leading master controller with interchangeable vessels from 3 litres to 30 litres volume
  • Parallel bioreactors operations with powerful superior BIOFLEX™ control software supports sophisticated process control, comprehensive data and information management and design of experiments (DoE)
  • Advanced process development built around Quality by Design (QbD) standards.

SIP/CIP Industrial 20L-30m3 Bioreactors and Fermenters

SOLIDA BIOTECH design, engineer and manufacture high quality custom Pilot & Industrial Bioreactors & Fermenters up to 30 cubic metres. Our portfolio contains a powerful range of engineering and manufacturing solutions that have been integrated to address the process and equipment needs critical to the cell growth process. Our custom solutions meet industry best practice and local regulatory requirements. Culture vessels in bacteriological or cell cultivation configurations from 20 litre up to 30 cubic metres volumes.

We provide extensive aftermarket service and support, including spare parts, equipment upgrades, servicing and maintenance, and customer training.
Solida industrial systems are designed and manufactured for easy operation, accessible components and have safety in mind:

  • Clean steam, sterile gas, and product contact lines are orbitally butt welded to the maximum extent possible.
  • Our approach to equipment design is to engage in a discussion of detailed project requirements with our customers.
  • We ensure that our proposal meets the technical process, time to market and commercial requirements for the completion of a successful project.
  • The main objective of Solida Biotech is to provide our clients with turn-key solutions for the engineering and technical management of their projects so they can achieve the best targets.
  • Solida Biotech will assist you in procuring and delivering to the production plants all the necessary supplies, equipment, and instrumentation from lab scale to production and final formulation and manufacturing of the products.

Bioflex Software & SCADA system
Unique Software platform able to manage up to 36 Bioreactors from R&D to Production

Bioflex supervisory and data acquisition software for remote control laboratory, pilot and industrial bioreactors and fermenters for batch, feed batch and continuous processing. Bioflex incorporates the latest developments in bioprocess control automation with new features implemented by our R&D team, built on their longstanding experience in fermentation and cell culture technologies.


  • Management of algorithms and complex control (cascade modes, sequences, profiles, etc.)
  • Management of culture and manufacturing files
  • Programming of control set points according to a profile set by the operator or a previous batch file
  • Calculation module allowing the calculation of derived variables
  • The software supports a library of culture files containing standard culture conditions for each microorganism
  • Operating systems Windows, Linux and others
  • Compatible to third party Software’s like Lucullus as well as OPC’s
  • Validatable CFR21 part 11 and GAMP compliant
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