Parallel Bioreactors

Solida Biotech parallel bioreactors offer advanced controller functionalities designed to meet demanding requirements in both research and process development, as well as for media optimisation and screening studies.

A wide choose of interchangeable Autoclavable and Disposable vessels from 100mL to 50 litres volume.

Our newly engineered control system takes many of our well-proven design features into a new era, offering unprecedented benefits to process development laboratories around the world, including unrivalled capabilities for downscale and upscale modelling of various culture processes and the provision of new levels of power and flexibility.

The PARALLEL system features a POWERFUL master control tower with satellite Module for pumps, gas mixing, temperature control and chillers. Thanks to its high flexibility the parallel system can be configured with up to 36 bioreactors, each providing independent control of the applicable culture vessel.

Superior performance

  • Built-in optical pH and dissolved oxygen sensors for improved accuracy and durability.
  • Integrated MFCS massflow controllers for cell culture and microbial fermentation strategies.
  • Variable speed pumps with bi-directional flow for precise addition of liquids.
  • Magnetic coupler guarantees absolutely contamination free cultures.
  • The modular design of our systems offers flexible solutions for bioprocess developments with mammalian, insect and human cells, as well as stem cells and microbial cultures at a laboratory scale.
  • Our parallel systems are characterised by parallel operations, accurate controls, and comprehensive information management.
  • They support the seamless integration of external analysers (PAT), control units and software.
  • Superior BIOFLEX™ control software supports sophisticated process control, comprehensive data and information management and Design of Experiments (DoE).
  • Integrated measurement of online sensors such as biomass, optical density, gas analyser, glucose analyser, alcohol analyser, pCO2 analyser, HPLCs, auto sampler and others.
  • Immediate module replacement with zero downtime.
  • Online maintenance service and support with remote diagnostics.

Solida’s parallel system has a unique characteristic that enables you to interchange re-usable and disposable single-use vessels from 100 ml to 50 litres. Market-leading master controller technology for advanced data-logging and embedded monitoring applications. Unlimited series I/O modules for custom analogue input, analogue output, digital I/O, counter/timer, and CAN measurement and logging system. Modules are available for a variety of sensor measurements.

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