Modular Bioreactors and Fermenters for fermentation and cell culture

We are a dynamic company that specialises in engineering, developing, and manufacturing innovative bioprocess equipment. We manufacture a wide range of bioreactors, fermenters, at-line analysers, CIP/SIP systems and process vessels for research, development, and production, suitable for fermentation, cell culture, stem cells, renewable technologies, algae, biomass, biofuel, hydrolysis and more.

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The Ideal Bioprocess Partner

Decisive advantages

Innovative automation and software technology in addition to compliance with industry standards.
Single and parallel bioreactors enable you to control between one and 36 bioreactors working online simultaneously and independently.
Integrated solutions with automated samplers and online analysers (gas analysers, biomass sensors, metabolite analysers, HPLC’s, MSC’s and others).
Modular controllers designed with a unique flexibility and interchangeability concept.
Single-controller platform allows the interchange of different vessel types and sizes, including STR re-usable vessels and disposable SUBS from 50ml up to 100l in volume.
Prompt, online technical support via Team-Viewer software.
Unlimited expandability thanks to the Open Source controller and softwar
Easy scalability up to pilot and industrial systems with standard and custom fit from 50ml to 50m3.
Modular bioreactors concept guarantees minimal service downtime and rapid modules replacement.

About Solida Biotech

We are a dynamic company that specialises in engineering, developing, and manufacturing innovative bioprocess equipment. The company was founded by a management team with over 20 years’ experience in the fields of fermentation, cell culture, sterile processing, software and automation technologies, with the aim of meeting the challenges of producing and supplying leading industrial and institutional customers with a new generation of bioreactors and fermenters for research and production, as well as scientific instruments. Thanks to the abilities of our skilled team, we can offer flexible and custom made solutions to deal with multiple requirements in the world of green, red and white biotechnologies. We offers a wide range of compact and modular bioreactors and fermenters from 50ml to 50 cubic metre pilot and industrial plants and integrated turn-key solutions.


Compact bioreactors

A compact laboratory bioreactor solution characterised by great performance and ease of use, the perfect way to get started.
Versatile bioconsole for autoclavable Bioreactors from 50mL to 30 litres working volume and Disposable from 250mL to 75 litres w/v.

Modular bioreactors

Latest generation Modular Bioreactors, developed with industrial automation to provide greater speed, power and expandability for laboratory, pilot, and industrial scale up processes. Versatile modular system for autoclavable Bioreactors from 50mL to 30 Litres w/v, Disposable from 250mL to 75 liters w/v and in Stainless Steel from 1L to 100 Litres w/v.

Parallel bioreactors

Parallel bioreactor systems for advanced bioprocess control and highly efficient process development.
Configurable solutions for microbial, phototrophic, mammalian and human cells, stem cell applications, and biofuel and biopolymer processes.
Parallel operation of up to 36 re-usable and single-use bioreactors from 50ml to 75 litre w/v.

Photo bioreactors

Laboratory, pilot and open field large scale photo-bioreactors. Customisable PBR systems are available in three different configurations: round type, air lift and flat panel.
Laboratory SIP Bioreactors
Modular Laboratory SIP stainless steel in situ sterilisable bioreactors, from 1 litre up to 50 litre w/v as well as custom fit solutions.

Pilot & Industrial SIP bioreactors

SIP stainless steel in situ sterilisable and CIPable bioreactors, from 20 litres up to 50 cubic metres, custom fit and turn-key integrated solutions.

CIP systems and Process Tanks

Cleaning in place systems, sterilization units, sanitary vessels and process vessels.

Disposable Systems

Single-use Bioprocess Bags, Bioreactors, Containers and Mixing Systems 50 mL to 3,000 L volume.

Automation and Software

Industrial automation platforms and software solutions for basic and advanced R&D applications and production.

Quality & Certifications

We provide a full set of documentation complying to international standards for GLP and cGMP equipment, DQ, IQ, OQ and PQ protocols.

Service & Support

We provide worldwide service & support.