Double Wall Vessels

Perfect design for multi purpose applications

Dished or round bottom vessels with stainless steel head plate designed according to the latest GMP requirements with a robust glass borosilicate vessel fully certified.
Our double wall vessels are available with a precise electrical heating module for accurate and gentle heat transfer and temperature control for cell culture and microbial fermentations. Interchangeable magnetic and direct overhead drive options, a variety of impellers and multiple industry standard head plate ports are available for user flexibility. Rushton, pitched-blade, marine blade, spinfilter, cell-lift and packed-bed impellers available.


  • Research and Development in cell culture and microbiology
  • Laboratory and pilot scale fermentation of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria, yeasts, and fungi
  • Cultivation of mammalian, insect, and human cell lines
  • Specialized applications such as stem cell culture or biofuel/biopolymer development
  • Specialized packed-bed impeller for vaccine production in anchorage and non-anchorage dependent cell lines
  • Suitable for batch, fed-batch, and continuous processes
  • Validation packages available for GMP-regulated processes
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Total volumeWorking min.Working vol.Aspect ratio H/D*
500mL / Single wall / Jacketed75 mL400 mL2:1
750mL / Single wall / Jacketed150 mL600 mL2:1
1L / Single wall / Jacketed250 mL800 mL2:1
2L / Single wall / Jacketed0,4 L1,6 L2:1
3L / Single wall / Jacketed0,6 L2,5 L2:1
5L / Single wall / Jacketed1,04,02:1
7L / Single wall / Jacketed1,45,62:1
10L / Single wall / Jacketed2,08,02:1
15L / Single wall / Jacketed3,012,02:1
20L / Single wall / Jacketed4,016,02:1
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