Advanced Modular Bioreactors

Our advanced modular bioreactor series represents the latest advancements in automation, software and mechanical engineering applied to the bioprocess industry. Industrial standard technologies, high-flexibility, modularity, easy upgrades and replacements, guaranteed long-term spare part availability and after-sales service distinguish our modular bioreactors from the competition.

Smart Design

The modularity and flexibility of our control unit offer you the unique advantage of being able to start with 1 bioreactor that can then be upgraded to 2-4-6-12-24 and up to 36 bioreactors working online with the same or different vessel size and typology.


  • BioController module with industry leading PLC hardware, ModBus and Ethernet communication protocols to simplify and accelerate single and parallel bioreactor operations
  • Enhanched sensors capability integrating Online Biomass and Gas Analyzers, Automated samplers, HPLC, Mass Spec and othersGas mixing module supports 4-8 or more integrated massflow controllers per vessel, automated gas control strategy for cell culture or fermentation applications
  • Peristaltic pump module with 4-8 or more fix and variable programmable pumps per vessel with bi-direction flow for high precision dosing
  • Thermo module with built-in Chiller in a water saving closed loop. Accurate temperature control for single wall and water jacketed bioreactors


Autoclavable vessels: 100-300-500 mL, 1-2-3-5-7-10-15-20 Litres
SUB Disposable vessels: 3-10-20-30-50 Litres

Decisive advantages

The powerful modular controller allows you to interchange different types of autoclavable vessels from 100 mL to 30 litres, Disposable from 250 mL to 75 litres w/v, and SIP stainless steel from 1 litre to 100 litres w/v.

Each module (controller, gas mixing, pumps, thermo loop) can be upgraded, exchanged and replaced at any time without the need for an expert technician.

The communication between the various modules via fieldbus. This industrial measuring technique allows the measured values to be provided quickly and securely to the central controller that automates the machine.

The system also offers great benefits in terms of the reliability of the machine and fast installation. A modern operating concept with Bioflex Advanced SCADA Software. Each Advanced system features an innovative web server, which not only allows the system status and measurement data to be displayed, but the command and configuration at the same time as well.

The user can also rely on another big advantage: since the user interface is web-based, no additional software is required. All that is needed is a normal PC or laptop with an installed browser. In this way, mobile applications and remote control commands can also be implemented, reducing start-up and maintenance times and, as a result, costs.

The modular Controller’s key aspects are

  • Expandability of individual modules for managing from 1 to 36 bioreactors in parallel
  • Interchangeability of modules, easy testing of modules
  • Simplified interfaces through which the modules communicate with each other
  • Minimum waiting times for replacement and/or maintenance

Single, Twin, Quad and Parallel configuration with interchangeable re-usable and single-use vessels from 100ml to 75 litres. Industrial connectivity portable modules.

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