Bioflex Software & SCADA

Bioflex supervisory and data acquisition software for remote control laboratory, pilot and industrial bioreactors and fermenters for batch, feed batch and continuous processing.

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Bioflex Software is a harmonised platform capable of running lab, pilot or industrial scale bioreactors, while Bioflex has the flexibility and capability to manage and control up to 36 bioreactors online.


  • Management of algorithms and complex control (cascade modes, sequences, profiles, etc.)
  • Management of culture and manufacturing files
  • Management of BATCH recipes
  • Programming of control set points according to a profile set by the operator or a previous batch file
  • Calculation module allowing the calculation of derived variables
  • The software supports a library of culture files containing standard culture conditions for each microorganism
  • Operating systems windows 10, 7, XP, Vista.